Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jingle Jiggy Jig..l

Hello and Peace Upon You(Assalamualaikum),
Its been awhile, well months i leave my blog unattained. Its so much struggle and also drama happened since i post my last blog, not that i exaggerate or anything but that's what happened.
I spend my July in a deep village known as Desa Kertasari located in Tasikmalaya district. At first i was nervous as hell. Thinking lotsa probability could happen during the period i was there. How's the village condition, house mates, the village people, what we gonna eat, and most important thing is how clean the TOILET is. I was agitated to thinking all the worst case scenario that could happen. But God Al-Mighty gave me and all my housemate an environment, people, and so much advances we never dreamed of during this KKN( stuff that i really didn't know what the purpose). I was so thankful to get to know a Bunch a kid that are very different but we connect with each other in so many levels. Maybe that is the purpose of KKN, who knows.
Well, now we still contact each other. Hello, we got FB n TwitVille.
Now, Ramadhan. Praise Allah that we could live and give another chance to experience the magical month of Ramadhan. I'm hoping i could give a full month fasting on this year. Amin.
Actually I'm in huge dilema, well who doesn't this day? But mine.. i think.. is BIG. I'm not being a DramaQueen but its been awhile I've been struggle with this. There is a person, a friend of mine, or i don't know we are a friend or what. Its complicated. We seeing each other i can say frequent. Go out and have fun with friends and stuff. But its all change when Love interfere. i'm not saying that i'm the one expressed it. And i'm not saying that i didn't like the other person. Ahh.. its so complicated i couldn't make my sentence correctly, but that is it.
Anyhow, i just wish the best decision that give goods for both of us. Amin.
well, see you guys in next post!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High School Girl live at Kampong Stuck in Middle age women goes to Campus

I'm very proud and thankful to being born and raised by both of my parent. I can't even imagine how is it to be born in very cluster and narrow minded parent.
Call me crazy, but there are certain sort of people i really hate and dislike to be friend with. I guess i am entitle to be very picky in choosing my friend. Its not that i really really hate, but there are a certain or special urge to kill them inside of me if i got one in my view.
The person i dislike is within in their personality. I'm not a person who judge people based on looks. I can be friends with lots a people, as long they are good to me. I will be a good friend to them. But if them is treating me like shit, i'll treat them like i'm a Bitch!
Person personality that really makes me barf is:-
1. Whining 24/7 bout everything!
2. Makes joke that make you want to crawl up his/her face n rip his/her face up and give it to your cat.
3. A Men/Women who still acting like Boy/Girl.. u r a grown up bitch! be like one!
4. A Kampung Girl/Boy.. dont get me wrong.. i came from kampung also.. kampung here means they really didn't get what life is all about. They keep to themself and didn't want new culture to come in.
OMG! I really really hate this type of person! Even they are actually study in Medical Faculty, learn about diversity and evolution, they are very uptight in matter of social life!
Its big World out there. You not gonna going anywhere with that type of mind set. Well again, i blame the parent. For raise their childs with such uptightness! LOL.. new phrase..
So the point is, please think outside the box. I'm not saying this to mainly peeps here. I make a point to our beloved country too. No wonder majority of Malaysian is freaking stupid even the Goverment is super Uptight. No to this, No to that, NO to everything!
Hope for the new generation will raise and make our country more diversity as it was.
I know that i am not a saint/prophet which is so perfect. So i guess that is the cause i am a Bitch.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shoes i Adore!!!

Some new styles out of Lanvin have hit select retailers for the high-fashion house’s 2010 spring/summer collection.

Leading the way are two sneaker-based offerings, a high-top featuring a patterned silk upper and a more subtle low-top with a texturized captoe design.

Now you can find all these latest footwear collection at Lanvin

Prada - Mens Fall Winter 2010/2011.

Prada - Mens Fall Winter 2010/2011.


 Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery, collection
Sunday the 24th of January marked the day that men’s fashion weeks bowed out after fashion cities Milan and Paris, played host to an advent of exhilarating runway shows. Out of many well noted designers, Prada stood for yet another unpredictable and refreshing collection.
 Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high  fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,  collection  Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high   fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,   collection
Innovation is the most suited adjective to describe Prada, a label fronted by Miuccia Prada, who doesn’t have a set template for the company that her father founded. The only red thread aligning all collections is their remarkable desirability. For fall-winter 2010/2011, the collection dictates that men should wear short-waisted cardigans that look like they have been sourced from Michelle Obama’s closet, or spent a few minutes too many a tumble dryer.
 Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high    fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,    collection  Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high    fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,    collection
Nevertheless, Prada loyalists are accustom to bold androgyny highlights in the men’s collections. Faint images of the bewildering miniskirts for men in the autumn 2008 collection are still imprinted at the back of my retina – and are unlikely to be washed away by the tears of joy evoked by this brightly coloured collection.
 Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high  fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,  collection
 Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high  fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,  collection  Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high  fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,  collection
It’ is 1960s inspired -- but not blatantly so. Comical eye lashes modelled by the famous Twiggy have played no role in presenting the fabulous line of outfits. The only references to the decade of the past are subtle upside down-funnel shaped silhouettes and pastel colours tastefully amplified with vibrancy. Dual collars on jackets will ensure no gusty autumn winds carrying fallen leafs, will send cold chills down the spine. Unforgettable, the catalogue of multi-coloured coats brought to life with mesmerizing prints will radiate warm, happy sprits and positivity unlike most recent runway collection from this Italian fashion house. On the feet, flat dolly shoes with flaps will keep you walking pretty until it’s time to get the winter boots out.
 Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high  fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,  collection  Miuccia, Prada, AW2010, FW2010, Fall, autumn, winter, 10/11, high   fashion, Italian, runway, Milan, mens, menswear, men’s, gallery,   collection

Monday, February 22, 2010

Be kissed the way you want to be kissed?

Follow these exercises -- and enjoy the results!

1. Take control:
You and your partner are kissing. You gently start to take control by placing your hands on either side of his face, holding his cheeks and guiding his lips.
In doing so, you are in control of the amount of pressure and motion of his mouth and, in turn, he feels the warmth of your hands. This can be especially good if your partner's mouth is too loose or open for you.

Then it is your responsibility to kiss him as you LOVE TO BE KISSED.

2. Get him to follow your lead:
Stop when you want and tell your partner, 'I just love kissing. It's the one thing that gets me ______________ [fill in the blank; for example, you might add the word 'hot' or 'turned on']. Then look at him and say, 'Will you show me what it feels like to be kissed by me?'

3. Introduce a fantasy:
Tell him that you had a dream the other night about how he was kissing you -- and it was fabulous. Whether or not you actually had this dream, what you need to do is have an idea about what you want to ask for. So think ahead to how you want to blend the new kissing style or technique you want with what he already does. That way, you're not asking for a completely different thing and won't risk offending his ego.
If you can't manage to explain what you want fully using your dream, tell him, 'You did something like this' and then show him what you want.

4. Praise your partner:
Let your partner know when he has kissed you right.
If he does something you really like, repeat it on him and ask if it feels as good to him as it did to you. To tweak his style, it's important that you use one-word directions, such as 'lighter,' 'left,' 'right,' etc. Men have shared with me that sentence-long guidance feels like criticism, while one-word comments sound like gentle direction. Remember that while you may feel that the more you tell, the better, he will be hearing your words through his own sexual gender filter.

5. Repeat:
Don't assume that one time through will work. Men often need reminding (yes, even when it comes to better kissing and better sex). Repeat exercises 1-4 as often as necessary. And enjoy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lamboghini Gallardo

The exotic Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is currently available only in a coupe body style, although the spyder convertible will return eventually to the lineup. The name LP560-4 refers to its engine position ("longitudinale posteriore" or longitudinal rear), supposedly its horsepower (it actually has less) and that all four wheels are powered.

The Gallardo is powered by a 5.0-liter V10 good for 552 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission with gated metal shifter is standard, while an automated six-speed sequential-shift manual transmission known as e-gear is optional. Expect 0-60 times in the high-3-second range.

In terms of layout and design, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is a true exotic. To keep weight down, the chassis is a composite blend of alloy stampings, extrusions and castings. And except for the traditionally opening steel doors (no scissors), the exterior is constructed of thermoplastic-formed panels.

Inside, the Gallardo's handsome furnishings sublimely marry form with function and offer a surprising level of comfort for a vehicle of this type. Credit is certainly due to the influence of parent company Audi, whose expertise with interior design has been of no small benefit since the Volkswagen Group purchased Lamborghini in the late 1990s. The impact is obvious given the precisely fitting leather and soft-touch materials.

Despite the fact that this is an exotic sports car, seating is comfortable enough to accommodate the occasional road trip. Though not as flamboyant as its extroverted exterior, the interior styling still befits a vehicle in this price range. Storage space is tight, though, with a minimal amount of room available behind the seats and in the nose-mounted trunk.

But once behind the wheel, you'll gladly leave everything behind in exchange for the sweet, sonorous symphony of its V10 at full throttle. With 552 horses at your command, the Gallardo is capable of spine-compressing speed in any gear. At wide-open throttle, the lusty V10 plays a veritable mechanical symphony in keeping with the car's Italian heritage. The big V10 and all-wheel-drive system add quite a bit of mass, but in return the AWD system gives Gallardo drivers extra traction when the road ahead is slick and unfamiliar

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why men are so stupid?? And girl, Dating A Divorced Man: What’s The Catch?

Men are well built with stupidity when it comes with relationship. Call me crazy. But it seems all of them is so freaking idiot.
Some people believe that love is merrier the second time. Or the third. Or the succeeding times. But what if you are saddled with a situation wherein you like a guy and the guy likes you too. It seems everything falls on its place perfectly and that the two of you are destined to be with each other. But there’s one catch, though. He is divorced.

The moment that was once perfect all throughout changed in an instant. Something is holding you back. You can’t stop asking yourself whether it is worth all the effort dating a divorced man.

This happens in a lot of women, which means that you are not alone. And the anxiety caused by this situation is just but normal, especially for single women. Despite the fact that the man you like is already legally unattached, you can’t help but wonder if there are problems that would arise if you continue your relationship with this guy. Will he compare you to his ex-wife? Will he prioritize his commitment to his children over his commitment to you? Will your relationship end up in a divorce should the two of you decide to tie the knot? These are just some of the questions that could plague the mind of a single woman dating a divorced man. If you came from a recent relationship prior to dating this man or if you yourself is a divorcee, you would probably understand the perils of dating again. And this understanding will help you out to build a new relationship with someone. But for the single woman who was never been married, this could be especially hard, or challenging—depending on how they look at it.

As much as it is a hindrance to some, dating a divorced man is a conquest to others. Some girls find married man attractive—and a divorced man would fall loosely under the same category since they were once married. Why some girls are attracted to these men, we may never know the reason. Maybe it’s because of the thought that married and divorced men are passionate lovers—the role that they could not portray inside their boring married life.

Still some single women are worried about the implications. Dating alone can be hard. And dating a divorced man makes it more complicated. But is there really a need to worry?

In the end, it is you who will decide your fate. Throw all your worries out the window. After all, loving is a gamble no matter who are involved. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Situations can and will make things worst. But as long as you hold on to that strong feeling, then you are treading the right path. If you really like the guy then there’s no reason for you to hold back. After all, his marriage is already over. He is free to choose who he will give his heart to. Don’t put him in a hot seat just for being divorced. Everyone deserves a second chance to be happy.

Or course caution is needed. You must take one step at a time. Because the last thing on your mind is to end up being another divorcee.